Himalayas screen

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HerdsDeer (400 Icon food)
Native tribesUdasi Temple
Bhakti Temple
Trading post sites3 (excluding native sites)

Himalayas lies in the cold mountainous region of Tibet. Food can be scarce and far from your initial starting location. Players need to be aggressive to avoid farming or using their berries early. There lies a central trade route that journeys across the middle of the map, which normally has 3-5 trading posts depending on the number of players.

Trees and wood are fairly common throughout the map, but in small numbers. Lying on each side are native trading posts consisting of the Bhakti and Udasi, one near each player in 1v1 games. Utilize the natives for a faster punch against Skirmishers (Tiger Claws from bhakti) and Musketeers (Hoop throwers from Udasi).

General information (Description)Edit

Gain control of this expanded map's vital choke points to restrict your enemies' access to the most valuable resources. Players start with Town Centers in close proximity to thick forests. Beyond the trees, in the lush central valley, vast quantities of Food and Gold lie ripe for the taking. Beware, as established native settlements dot the landscape. In the Upper Himalayas, there are no Trade Routes to obstruct wall placement.

Upper Himalaya VersionEdit

Main article: Himalaya - Upper

The upper Himalayas is a far more barren version of the regular Himalayas map. The trade route commonly seen in 'lower' Himalayas is gone, while the native trading posts lie in the same location as before. Upper Himalayas is not in the standard rotation of maps, so it is not often you will encounter this map lest it is in a custom game. The resources are fairly distributed much like Himalayas.

Contrary to its sister map, Upper Himalayas contains many choke points made up from the rocky terrain that can lead you or your enemy into traps and pathing issues, so be sure to take advantage of it before your enemy does so on you.

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