First AppearanceImperial Empires: The Campaigns
Cost40 Wood 10 Coins
Age AvailableDiscovery Age
UseTo increase population,.
CivilizationsAll, some has counterparts. See the section Counterparts

House is a civilian building which supports the population of units. It can garrison any units except for Cavalry units. It is unlocked in the first age, Discovery Age as an upgrade of Tent.


House can unlock the shipment of villagers or settler


  • Housing - Upgrades tent into house.
  • Settler Shipment - Unlocks Settler or Villager shipment.


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Chinese Village

Imperial Empires: The Campaigns

  • Manors replace House in British civilization.
  • Colonial Estancias replace House in Spanish civilization.
  • Villages replace House in Chinese civilization.
  • Shrines replace House in Japanese civilization.
  • Yurts replace House in Mongolian civilization.
  • Longhouses replace House in Iroqois civilization.

Imperial Empires: The Near East

  • Pavilion is another type of House in Egyptian and Crusader civilization.


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