The Flag of the Iroquois
Imperial Empires: The Campaigns
Unique UnitsMantlet
Light Cannon
War Chief
Forest Prowler
Kanya Horsemen
Musket Rider
FeaturesTravois build buildings for free
Home CityCaughnawaga

The Iroquois or the Iroquois Confederacy was a Native American campaign and they lived in the northeastern part of North America in the New World. They are both featured as either a playable civilization or a minor native.

Minor nativeEdit

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The Iroquois is a northern native tribe that can be made allies in the Great Lakes or New England areas. The Iroquois is made of five (and eventually six) other Native American tribes that settled along the Ontario river in northern America. A rule of the Confederacy was to keep at peace with all members, and against a foe, they were a strong united force.

Playable civilizationEdit

The Iroquois are similar in some ways like the Europeans compared to the other Native American civilizations.

The Iroquois military is very effective and preform the best when they are mixed in an army of infantry units and siege weapons. An average Iroquois army should have a row of Iroquois Mantlets in front, a line of Iroquois Tomahawks, and some Forest Prowlers behind the Iroquois Tomahawks and maybe some light cannons in the rear of the group. It is good for the Iroquois to keep their War Chief in the center it all because he provides the units extra hit points.

Remember that Iroquois cavalry are their worst units, so focus more on infantry and siege weapons.

Make sure you keep your War Chief in the center of it all for those extra hit points.