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Udasi Temple is a minor natives of Imperial Empires: The Campaigns. It is present as Trading Post.


The Udasis are members of a Sikh sect that shares many of the same principles as Sikhism, that of a supreme God who governs with justice and grace, and the opportunity of every human being to become one with that God, while renouncing other practices. The very name "udasi" comes from the Sanskrit "udas," meaning to renounce.


Unit chakram

Chakram icon

The Chakram is an Indian unit that throws a razor-sharp hoop, striking enemy units from afar and inflicting great splash damage. The circular metal chakram was a weapon that ranged from 5 to 7 inches in diameter, and it was usually thrown at its target from a range of 100 to150 feet. From the sixteenth century on, the chakram was a weapon employed exclusively by Sikh soldiers, who threw them in large volleys like archers fire arrows.

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